Become a Licensed Electrologist in the State of Oregon

As an electrologist, you’ll get the immense satisfaction of helping your clients build a better self-image through permanent hair removal. Whether you see yourself working alongside other caring beauty professionals or you dream of running your own business, a career in electrology can offer flexible hours, financial independence, and countless personal rewards.

Go above and beyond with the Aesthetics Institute’s Electrology training.

At the Aesthetics Institute in Portland, you will:

Learn the basic sciences pertaining to electrology: Study anatomy, physiology, dermatology, microbiology, immunology and more.

Hone your interpersonal skills: Understand the psychology related to unwanted hair, and develop stress management and relaxation techniques.

Get to know the profession: Become familiar with professional ethics, legal issues and smart business practices like accounting and advertising.

Log hundreds of hours of practice with modern electrolysis equipment: Perfect your skills in permanent hair removal using various modalities (electrolysis, thermolysis, blend), pre and post-treatment care, positioning and draping, and evaluating client progress.

Oregon is a licensed state, which means the practice of electrology and other services are regulated by licensing. The Oregon Health Licensing Agency requires that students complete 600 hours of training before taking the state’s electrology licensing exam. At the Aesthetics Institute, we believe that simply satisfying the hourly requirement isn’t enough. We’re dedicated to helping our students become leading electrology professionals by teaching the industry’s most advanced techniques in small, focused groups. We want you to ace the exam, not just pass it, and set yourself apart from other new professionals with confidence and expertise.

After completing this program and passing the exam, you’ll become a licensed electrologist. You’ll be able to practice anywhere in the state of Oregon, including Portland, and be eligible to join the Oregon Association of Licensed Electrologists.

All Aesthetics Institute graduates are also encouraged to participate in continuing education programs to stay on top of the latest advancements in the practice of electrology and to maintain your license.

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