We offer a few different payment options

With all options, 20% of tuition is due 2 weeks prior to class start dates.
All financing plans must be executed prior to enrollment commencing.

Option 1: Zero interest in house payments

This option takes the total payments and divides it into equal portions that will be paid prior to graduation.


Tuition of 10,000.00
-20% (2,000)
divided by 12 months

666.66 per month.

Option 2: Outside Financing through Tuition Options

You can finance 80% of the total tuition cost for up to 36 months.  Interest rates begin at 6% and increase based on credit and cosigner.

Option 3: Combination of option 1 & 2

Apply for financing to ensure you are approved first, then pay no interest while in school, and finance the remaining balance at graduation.

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