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The Nail Technology program at the Aesthetics Institute of Portland will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to start a successful career in the salon and spa industry.

Our dedicated instructors will guide you in mastering a full menu of nail and skin treatments. You’ll learn both classic and contemporary nail design techniques, including today’s most popular nail enhancements.

Nails are just as much about science as they are about art. So you’ll also learn the anatomy, physiology and pathology of hands and feet. We’ll train you in recognizing skin and nail disorders as well as the methods and products used to correct them.
In a few short months, you’ll be providing spa manicures and pedicures that your clients will love!

The Aesthetics Institute Advantage

Our nail technology courses are divided between traditional classroom instruction and practical application. We provide our students with the advantage of using today’s latest nail tech equipment, including state-of-the-art manicure and pedicure tables, electric buffing tools, paraffin baths and more. You’ll gain real-world experience using this equipment in our public salon and spa.

This format provides our students with an exceptional learning experience, preparing you to pass the Oregon State licensing exam with flying colors. Our goal is to not only give you the skills and knowledge to earn your license, but to provide you with the precision and confidence that will set you apart from other new nail professionals.

Why Choose A Career in Nail Technology?

The importance of having well-groomed hands and feet is a significant part of our culture and as a result, the opportunities for nail professionals continue to expand. Our graduates work in some of Portland’s trendiest salons and spas. You could also earn a position in resort hospitality or enjoy the flexibility and rewards of starting your own business.

This is your gateway to an exciting future in the beauty industry!

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