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Our curriculum is built upon a strong foundation that also incorporates the newest techniques and technologies to prepare our students for the greatest success. Our instructors attend conferences all across the country continuing their own education to ensure their Institute keeps up on industry changes. The top-quality education at the Aesthetics Institute is perfect for those students that expect to go out into the medical field or a spa environment. This education includes the use of a wide-variety of tools, products, equipment, and instruction.

Unlike other schools that base their curriculum around a certain product line, the curriculum at the Aesthetics Institute is based on the techniques for providing services. By focusing on the techniques our graduates are prepared to work in any environment; they are not limited by only one product line and can easily assimilate into the industry as a leader.


The Aesthetics Institute allows for a scientific based curriculum that goes beyond instructing what products work and teaches how they work. Students are given the opportunity to learn how to make holistic products. A study of histology– a microscopic view of how the skin functions– prepares the Aesthetics Institute graduate to be truly proficient and a leader in the industry.

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